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Ithaca Conference Results

Short Term Plans We will operate as an informal association to support dog friendly initiatives by individuals and groups, some of which may later be taken over by the non-profit if that is amenable to the organization and to the initiators. These projects will include:

  1. (Emily Rosenberg)
  2. (Seth Sicroff)
  3. Dog Park Yearbook (Diane West)
  4. Dog Park Consultancy (Alison Deeb)
  5. Promotion of Nancy Chwiecko's Dog-Friendly Housing Design book
  6. Produce f2f conferences to develop and promote dog friendly initiatives
  7. Campaign for Dog-Friendly Communities (Seth) based on
    1. The dog-friendliness assessment survey (results to be tabulated and published on
    2. The Dog Friendly Pledge:
      On behalf of the City of _____, I recognize our great debt to dogs as companions and allies. I ask every official, agency, group, business, and individual citizen to do what you can to make ours a truly dog-friendly community.
      This will be renamed in honor of the first mayor, town council, county executive, or other official that promulgates it.
    3. Awards to be announced next year for most dog-friendly, least dog-friendly, and most improved communities

Longer Term Plans We are in the process of forming a new organization which will

  1. be called Dog Friends (; a subtitle may be added later, e.g. An International Alliance of Dog Groups);
  2. set up a steering committee to hammer out details of the organization and work on non-profit incorporation;
  3. welcome new collaborators at any time
  4. develop an organizational structure that allows sub-organizations under the same non-profit (by nationality and region), as practical. If not, we will simply have one organization with separate "nodes";
  5. plan f2f meeting for Fall 2006 in the New York City - New Jersey area;
  6. plan a national conference for 2007

Alison, Max, and Stan at Ithaca Dog Park

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