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Information for the Visitor
Dog-Friendly Businesses in and around Ithaca

Beads! on the Commons Ithaca.
Customers' dogs are welcome on the premises, so long as they are friendly with other dogs, as my own dog is here. Martha Gilson, proprietor. Email:

Tough Pups and Pampered Princesses Online now, and coming soon to an Ithaca location.
Diva dog fashions and accessories

American Crafts by Robbie Dein, at 158 The Commons, Ithaca. Tel.: (607) 277-2846
We carry many many artist-created craft items for pet owners. From dog puzzles, jewelry, and handmade doggy clocks, to steel sculptures, and doggy feeding bowls. My own personal philosophy is that when I die I want to come back as a dog in a good home. Joseph Gaylord, Manager. Email: manager@americancraftsbyrobbiedein

Comics for Collectors 207 North Aurora Street, Ithaca. Tel: (607) 272-3007. Web site:
Dogs are welcome... as long as they are acceptabe to my own pet Samoyed named Snowy. Enter through Aurora Street door, as the Commons is off-limits to dogs. Tim Gray. Email:

Spirit and Kitsch 148 The Commons, Ithaca. Tel: (607) 277-4914. Web site:
Spirit and Kitsch is a unique fingerlakes gallery of functional, cool and funky art. We welcome dogs; in fact our employee brings hers to work in our store when she works. Email:

Greenstreet Real Estate 1187 East Shore Drive, Ithaca NY 14850. Tel: (607) 272-0336. Web site:

Diana Drucker, Certified Buyer's Broker Member of Ithaca, NY State and National Boards of Realtors. Many of my clients are "dog people" so when they come to Ithaca I give them a tour which usually includes driving by the Farmer's Market, Ithaca Falls, Stewart Park and of course, the dog park. Ithaca is not in general a very dog friendly place but I point out the dog park as the wonderful asset that it is. Of course some of my clients have already decided to move here because of a specific job offer but many are chosing Ithaca as a place to live because they came as tourists or read about it somewhere. For my clients, access to vegetarian restaurants, organic food, natural beauty and "dog-friendliness" are genuine reasons for moving here. It is important for tourists, residents and certainly people considering moving here. Also, my dog Daphne (whose photo appears on my Web site) spent time at the Cornell Vet Hospital last month and I met people from all over the country in the waiting room. It is definitely a big draw. Email:

Dynamic Patterns 121 Couth Cayuga Street, Ithaca. Tel: (607) 256.8924. Web site:
We have ceramic dog bowls and treat jars that can be painted by the owner especially for their special friend. We can also hand-paint designs for you if you prefer to let us do the work. Dogs are welcome, provided:
  1. The owner is responsible for behavior (i.e. any accidents are taken care of by the owner, dogs are good around children and stangers, etc.)
  2. They must stay at the table (or under) with you while you paint and out of other customer's way.
  3. We reserve the right to ask you to take the dog outside if it is disturbing other customers with uncontrolled behavior or if a customer has a severe allergy.
Michelle Dearing, proprietor. Email:

Simeons On the Commons224 E. State St., Ithaca. Tel: (607) 272-2212 Web site:
Simeons can accommodate folks with dogs along our outside dinning area, from spring to winter, on Aurora Street. Open 7 Days; Serving Food 11:00am - Midnight
Peter J. Ciferri, manager. Email:

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